3D Modeling

Today’s topic is all about 3D modeling with drones, one of our personal favorites!  3D modeling with drones is such an effective way to capture images and create an interactive model for friends, family, clients, anyone to use!  In our digital age we have mini computers in our hands, pockets, purses etc and these interactive models can be accessed by any and all of the above.  We fly our birds in orbits & grids around objects taking series of pictures.  These orbits have to be very precise so that the data we capture can be as real as possible.

You can play around with a few of our interactive models under the ‘3D Modeling’ tab in our menu.  If you have any questions about 3D modeling, drones, etc just reach out and we would love to answer them for you!

Have a great week, everyone! Stay tuned for more fun stuff coming soon!


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