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Month: January 2018

Blade Runner

Well, it’s the last Monday of January…and I’m still in shock it’s 2018! I was watching the original Blade Runner last night and it takes place in 2019.  Watching movies like that are so crazy because of where they thought we would be by this time.  It is a phenomenal sci-fi fi movie (if you …

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New England

  Well we’ve had some interesting weather here in New England this past week.  The week started out cool and then by Tuesday we had buckets of rain.  It sounded awesome on our metal roof!  We went down to Napatree yesterday and there was an awesome huge tree that was swept onto the shore.  We’re …

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Hey Scopers! Flash back to Sunday morning.  It was in the teens for temperatures and who knows what the wind chill was.  We decided to pack up the drones, our pup and head to Watch Hill.  Have you ever been there before?  It’s such a gorgeous spot, especially in the Winter.  It was awesome to …

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