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Blade Runner

Well, it’s the last Monday of January…and I’m still in shock it’s 2018! I was watching the original Blade Runner last night and it takes place in 2019.  Watching movies like that are so crazy because of where they thought we would be by this time.  It is a phenomenal sci-fi fi movie (if you haven’t seen it, do it!) and we aren’t that far off from flying cars and big crazy electronic cities!  Soon enough we will be having drones operating cars for us and making the roads safer and who else knows how we will utilize drones as a world.  We are excited to be on the cutting edge of drone usage for the US and we welcome the changes!  As long as we don’t have a Skynet situation haha (Terminator reference, if you also haven’t seen T1 or T2 please stop reading and watch immediately).

This week we will be going around Mystic & Westerly getting some footage and doing some 3D modeling!  Looks like the weather will cooperate and we might – emphasis on might – get some snow!  I love snow and I love filming in snow.  Keep your eyes on the sky and if you see 2 people staring up in the sky at a bird come by and say hi, that’s probably us.

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