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D to the C


If I could use one word to describe my DC trip it would be: historic!  What an amazingly awesome place.  I could walk those streets for days and still not have enough time to see everything.

We took a 6 mile walk from monument to monument starting at T. Jefferson, continuing to FDR, MLK JR, Lincoln, Vietnam, WW2 and ending at the White House.  The temperature was in the high 20s low 30s (but wind made it feel much colder!)  We had to stop for a quick bite and grab a coffee before we braved the cold walk any further.

Upon leaving the coffee shop close to the White House we then walked to the National Air & Space Museum.  What a cool museum!  Of course, which museum isn’t cool haha but seriously, so much to study and learn there and we did not take enough time to fully appreciate it.  Our feet were sore, our faces were frozen and we were able to walk through quite a few exhibits but home was calling us to come rest.  The last thing we definitely needed to see before we left was the original Wright Brothers Plane.  Yes, you read that right.  We thought it was a replica but it was the real deal!!!  So inspiring to see their original design and to know that they would pave the way for so many, including our drone industry!  DC, we will be back soon – you can count on it!

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