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Hey Scopers!

Flash back to Sunday morning.  It was in the teens for temperatures and who knows what the wind chill was.  We decided to pack up the drones, our pup and head to Watch Hill.  Have you ever been there before?  It’s such a gorgeous spot, especially in the Winter.  It was awesome to walk along the frozen beach and see some dedicated surfers braving the cold to catch some waves.  During our walk we noticed this sailboat stuck in the ice and we knew we had to document it.  We can’t help but imagine the owner of this sailboats face as he discovers what happened to his boat.  Hopefully there isn’t any long term damage!  The ice was so thick you could walk out to the boat.  But, it was also very slippery and we weren’t feeling that sure footed to venture out for a closer look.  So we sent the reliable drones instead to investigate further.

Watch Hill

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  1. This picture is incredible.. the boat looks as if it cld be in the desert, or beached on a summer day.. but yet it’s encompassed in ice mid winter.. such a cool perspective.. I love how the sky is balanced with the land.. just gorgeous!

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