To vlog or not to vlog – that is the question in 2018!  Well, we went for YES! We’ve started a vlog to tell our story.  It may not always be glamorous and edited but we want to be able to deliver real videos on what we are going through.  Maybe our story will encourage someone! Maybe our story will help give ideas, or maybe it will just offer some laughs!  Who knows.

Go ahead and check it out on YouTube!

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

Winter Tips for Tech Devices

Happy Wednesday! Today we have some tips for those of you who live in a colder climate.  When the temp starts to drop we need to be aware of how cold our technology is becoming!  If you let your devices get too cold they can malfunction or worse yet – break!


  • Don’t keep laptops in the car when it’s not running – if you must keep it in the car wrap it in a blanket or sweater.  Or, you can invest in a laptop warmer (which do exist!)
  • Bring your charger because cold air sucks battery life like nobody’s business!
  • Turn it off! I know what you’re thinking ‘but isn’t it working and staying warmer if it’s on??’ short answer yes – long answer – if you are moving around and active you *could damage the computer’s data.
  • Don’t turn your computer on the second you walk in the door – let it warm up a bit as to not encourage condensation 


  • Like laptops, phone batteries can drain easily in the winter so have a charger on hand
  • Keep your phone warm by keeping it in your pocket, purse or backpack.  You may even put it in a wool sock for added warmth!


  • Fully charge your batteries
  • Hover 30-60 sec before you fly
  • Keep batteries warm!  When on location, we keep our heat on in the car and throw the batteries up on the dashboard

Hope these tips were helpful!  We love our winter weather up here in New England and we also love our technology! Stay safe and warm and keep your gear in check!



(some laptop tips taken from Popsugar)

3D models…?

What are 3D models? Why are they useful? How in the world did you do that?? These are all questions we receive on a regular basis, and we love being able to explain!  Let me break it down.

What are 3D models? 3D models are an interactive digital space.  They can be used for marketing, construction, surveying (with licensed surveyors), video games, I could go on!  We recently did a 3D model for a golf course and in that model, you can literally walk through the entire course from the comfort of your own home without setting a foot outside.

Why are they useful? 3D models help increase your digital footprint, they provide cutting edge technology for you and your clients, and they can help generate business and widen exposure – just to name a few.

How in the world do we do it?  We create 3D models through the use of photogrammetry.  That is a big word, but simply means the science of making measurements through the use of photos.  So, when we create a 3D model we are taking several photos (by several I mean anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands!) and we stitch those photos together to create the 3D model.

Still have questions about 3D models? Ask below or reach out to us! You can look at some of our 3D models here:  AerialScope 3D Models

You can also watch a YouTube video on our channel where I navigate through one of our 3D models and help you figure out how to use it:

3D Model Navigation Video


Youtube weekly live Q&A

Happy Wednesday!

We teamed up with GM6 & Quad Axis for a weekly live Q&A on YouTube!  We will be discussing a new topic and answering live questions on the air!  We love sharing how to work smarter not harder within the industry and partnering up with these other great companies is such an honor!  We all bring a unique set of skills to the table.

So, where can you find this event? RIGHT HERE! Click the link to view where the live chat is housed and join us on our next live session!



Georgia Google Gravity Games

This past weekend we went down to Georgia to film the Google Gravity Games!

These Georgia Gravity Games took place in Douglasville, which is a suburb of Atlanta.  There were a few streets closed down for the GGG and on the main street is where some popular movies & tv shows have been filmed.  Among those popular tv shows are Stranger Things and MacGyver.  Pretty cool to be filming around the same areas as these popular shows!

This was our first GGG in Georgia and it was great to see how GA does it!  The boxcars were awesome  and the kids did a magnificent job of building them!  This GGG also featured Science Street, a tent where kids and adults could learn about all things science.  We partner together with Locomotion out of North Carolina to film the Gravity Games and each one we do we have a blast!

Special thanks to Locomotion Media & Innovation for partnering with us on this!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

We’re dressed up over here and crossing our fingers for some trick or treaters!  We’ve never had any before so I can’t imagine why we would have any now, but one can hope!

Stay safe everyone and don’t overdose on candy!


CT Army National Guard

Happy Wednesday! We had the pleasure of working with the CT Army National Guard and RC Propbusters this week in teaching 6th – 7th – 8th graders all about careers in aviation!  This has been a theme for us this month.  When both Bryan & I were that age, technology was obviously not where is it today.  With the ever evolving classroom we can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities at the kids fingertips!

David from RC Propbusters demonstrated flying, and we handled the technical side like, what are drones as well as discussing the job applications.  Among those applications were 3D modeling, thermal imaging, aerial video/photo and construction progression.  Together, we had the students:

-interact with 3D models

-learn how to read a thermal scan with our Flir thermal imager

-watch videos containing aerial photo/video

-got a sneak peak of what construction progress looks like for a construction company

All in all we had a blast the past two days teaching.  A special thank you to the Army National Guard, RC Propbusters hobbyist pilot David and also to the CT Airport Authority for partnering with us.  Looking forward to seeing the youth of tomorrow in aviation careers!

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  We are winding down for some weekend relaxation (just kidding we’ve got some work to do! It’s going to be so fun!)

Check out the write up from our school program last week at E Granby High School click here

We wanted to keep this post short and sweet and wish each and every one of you a glorious weekend!

Middle October

Happy Middle October!  That means Daylight savings ending is right around the corner (Nov 4th to be exact!).  This fall has been a busy one and we love it!  We are working in conjunction with the Groton New London Airport & the National Guard creating an entire career day around aviation.  We are adding to the momentum of teaching last week at E Granby High School, and we are pumped to teach again!

This will be a very exciting 2 day event for students.  We are presenting along with RC Propbusters member & pilot, David Grainger.  David is a local drone racer and has extensive knowledge of aircrafts and UAV’s.  He is a great partner and we are excited to show these kids some aviation fun!

We also have been doing consistent work weekly on a construction project for Lehto Design & Build doing progress videos as well as creating a 3D model.  We love creating 3D models, they are so versatile!

That’s it for us this week and we hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! Exciting things to come. We will see you here next week! If you want more AerialScope on the spot check out our social media pages on Insta: @aerialscope FB: @aerialscopevi.