Construction industries can utilize drones in many ways like inspections, construction progress photos/videos, thermal imaging, LiDAR etc. Drones can assist in providing overall aerial data in a short amount of time. This allows for more efficiency, safety and opportunity. Drones have been utilized in construction for several years and only recently are companies realizing how much easier they can make their work flows. 


Orthomosaic Image

An Orthomosaic image is a high resolution ortho rectified image that is an accurate photo representation of an area. The ortho below is of Groton Bible Chapel. They built a new sanctuary and we were able to catch the entire process from start to finish.  Their architect was out of town so we were able to provide real time data so he could observe the process every step of the way. We have a construction progress video capturing the entire project.

Progress Photo/Video

One way we can assist in Construction is progress photo & video. We can visit the construction site as often as necessary. These photos/videos can also be useful if architects and engineers are out of town. 

The progress video below is a passive net zero house we created for Lehto Design Build based in CT. Check out his website to learn more about passive net zero houses. 

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