Drones have revolutionized the construction industry, providing a range of valuable services including inspections, construction progress photos and videos, thermal imaging, LiDAR, and more. With the ability to quickly and efficiently gather high-quality aerial data, drones allow for improved efficiency, safety, and new opportunities for businesses. While drones have been utilized in construction for years, only recently have companies begun to realize their full potential in streamlining workflows and simplifying operations.

By utilizing drones, construction companies can access real-time, high-resolution imagery and data, allowing for more informed decision-making and enhanced collaboration. This technology can also help identify and mitigate potential issues before they become larger problems, reducing the risk of delays, accidents, and cost overruns. With their versatility and adaptability, drones have become an indispensable tool for the modern construction industry.

Orthomosaic Image

An Orthomosaic image is a powerful tool that allows for the creation of highly detailed, accurate photo representations of areas. By using specialized drone technology and advanced image processing techniques, we can generate detailed, high-resolution ortho rectified images that provide a bird’s-eye view of construction sites, landscapes, and other areas of interest. In the case of Groton Bible Chapel, we were able to utilize our Orthomosaic imaging capabilities to document the entire process of building their new sanctuary. By capturing high-quality imagery at each stage of the construction process, we were able to provide real-time data to the project’s architect, even when they were out of town. This allowed the architect to closely observe the project every step of the way and make informed decisions based on the latest available information. Additionally, we were able to create a construction progress video that captured the entire project, providing a valuable record of the construction process from start to finish. With our Orthomosaic imaging capabilities, we can help construction companies, architects, and other professionals make better decisions, improve efficiency, and document their work in unprecedented detail.

Progress Photo/Video

At AerialScope Inspections, we offer progress photo and video services to assist in construction projects. Our team can visit the construction site as often as necessary to capture the progress and provide useful visual data to architects and engineers who may be out of town. These services can enhance communication and help keep the project on track.

As an example, we created a progress video for a passive net zero house built by Lehto Design Build in CT. The video showcases the construction process and the final result of this innovative building method. We encourage you to check out Lehto Design Build’s website to learn more about passive net zero houses and how our services can help you document your next construction project.

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