Construction projects can range all over the board.  Below, we have a fun project where we partnered with Lehto Design Build here in Connecticut.  They specialize in passive/net zero houses.  What is a passive/net zero house?  Passive houses are hyper efficient and can maintain an almost constant temperature all year round.  Net zero houses are designed to fully negate the energy that the occupants consume.  Both houses are highly efficient and net zero houses can even be off the grid!

We also have a picture below from the new Groton Bible Chapel in Groton, Ct.  They did a complete new sanctuary and we were able to catch the entire  process from start to finish.  We have a construction progress video capturing the entire project and would love to create more.  This was an example of where the architect was out of state and we were able to provide him with details on the job site so he never skipped a beat.

Construction can utilize drones in many ways like inspections, construction progress photos/videos, thermal imagine etc.  We have had the opportunity to do all of this with different companies and are excited to help the industry progress further.

Lehto Design & build are a top notch construction company and leaders in their field.  They are based out of Northeastern Connecticut.  Please visit their website by clicking their name below and check out some of their homes.

To view the 3D Model of this home click here: LehtoDesignBuild

Floor plan, construction, blue print, home, build, project
Floor Plan
Drone, Orthomosaic, Construction, Picture, Aerial, Photography
Construction, home, building, project, blue print, aerial, drone
Design Overlay
construction, projects, blue print. drone, aerial photography, progress
Design Overlay Close Up
3D model, construction, home, new, progress, building, drone, aerial
Point Cloud of 3D Model
construction, 3D, model, progress, building, home, blue print
Point Cloud of 3D Model
Aerial, photography, drones, construction, progress, building
Aerial View

Groton Bible Chapel Construction Progress

Lehto Design Build Website