CT Army National Guard

Happy Wednesday! We had the pleasure of working with the CT Army National Guard and RC Propbusters this week in teaching 6th – 7th – 8th graders all about careers in aviation!  This has been a theme for us this month.  When both Bryan & I were that age, technology was obviously not where is it today.  With the ever evolving classroom we can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities at the kids fingertips!

David from RC Propbusters demonstrated flying, and we handled the technical side like, what are drones as well as discussing the job applications.  Among those applications were 3D modeling, thermal imaging, aerial video/photo and construction progression.  Together, we had the students:

-interact with 3D models

-learn how to read a thermal scan with our Flir thermal imager

-watch videos containing aerial photo/video

-got a sneak peak of what construction progress looks like for a construction company

All in all we had a blast the past two days teaching.  A special thank you to the Army National Guard, RC Propbusters hobbyist pilot David and also to the CT Airport Authority for partnering with us.  Looking forward to seeing the youth of tomorrow in aviation careers!

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