Drone Deliveries 2022

I’ve written about drone deliveries in the past and wanted to share this cool update! 

There are lots of rural parts of the US that rely on products & supplies being delivered. Spright has developed a drone to help with the specific needs for hospital supply transport. That way, if a hospital is an hour away that has the supplies needed, the supplies can be placed in a drone and delivered quicker than if transported on the ground. 

Initial tests are being done now in Kansas at the Hutchinson Regional Health System. Just how big is this drone and what supplies can it carry? For starters it can carry: vaccines, blood, lab samples, medications, various other medical supplies. This improves quality of care for patients because nurses aren’t leaving to make a supply run. This initiative also helps reduce their carbon footprint. It’s a win win!

Right now Spright has a network of 300 bases at hundreds of hospitals across the US.

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