Drone Services

How can drones help me?  Why would I want to utilize drones?

Depending on your business, we can create solutions catered to what you and your team need.  Drones can create a safer working environment, accurate data, cultivate efficiency, all while offering cutting edge technology.  We are met with new challenges from people daily on the uses for drones and there is nothing more exciting to us!  Contact us and let us know your challenges or areas of opportunities for the use of drones.  Some examples of industries successfully integrating drones into their field are: construction, mining & aggregate, agriculture, architecture, and surveying.  Click here to see some of our work or visit our social media pages FB @aerialscopevi Insta @aerialscope. Or click here to visit the drone gallery portion of our website!

What is a drone?  

We get this question a lot.  A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) either guided by remote control or flies autonomously. 

Is there a difference between a drone and UAV?

Nope! Drone is just another name for UAV.  You will hear both used and they both mean the same thing. 

Are your drones safe?  

Yes!  We are licensed by the FAA, we have insurance and we practice professionalism and safety at every job site.  You can click here to read some blog posts we have about drones and you can also click on the FAA to view their website. 

We offer a variety of Drone (UAV) solutions to help you and your business.  Please choose from the drop down menu to learn more.