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Photo Services

Welcome to a snippet of our photo gallery! We offer a variety of aerial & ground photo services. Here you will find various photos from personal adventures, jobs, etc. We love pushing ourselves to new levels and capturing as many different styles of photos as possible. Because we live in New England our favorite time of year to shoot is definitely the Fall. The beautiful leaves and cool temperatures create for a beautiful photo pallet. 

We are certified part 107 drone pilots and we take all appropriate safety precautions while we fly our drones. We love throwing the drone up in the sky and getting a birds eye view.

Below you will find some of our favorite photos and a few other examples. We do have an orthomosaic photo of a house with a floor plan over the top. Another example we have below is of an actual floor plan we created for a home. Floor plans can be given with or without dimensions and they can be all encompassing or floor by floor, depending on the clients needs. We can also create a 3D model of the outside! If you want to see some 3D models or learn more about our 3D models click HERE. You can also scroll to the bottom to purchase prints or click on our contact page if you wish to ask us any questions about the photos you see below.

Looking for real estate examples? Click HERE to view our real estate work. 

Want to check out some of our videos? Click HERE

To purchase AerialScope prints click HERE or simply click on our contact page to fill out a form. Need a questions answered quickly? Click the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen and chat with us live!