Video Services

Thank you for visiting our video gallery! We’re excited to showcase a variety of videos that we’ve created using ground and aerial drones. With cutting-edge technology, we’re able to capture stunning footage and offer a unique perspective that would not be possible from the ground.

Our videos include a wide range of subjects, from job sites and construction progress, to weddings, hospitality events, independent films, commercials, and even our 3D models. The possibilities for creating videos with drones are truly endless.

At AerialScope, we prioritize safety and hold Part 107 certification for drone operation. We take all necessary precautions when flying our drones to ensure the safety of people and property. With drones, we’re able to capture breathtaking footage from a bird’s eye view, adding a whole new level of visual interest to our videos. While drones may not be suitable for every video, we believe they can add an exciting and unique element to many projects.

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