It’s important to create a SWOT analysis for any business or venture. Why? SWOT analysis can help you see where your industry has room for advancement and it helps you identify potential obstacles ahead of time.

I might have lost some of you at SWOT so let me dive in to what those letters mean.

S = Strength W= Weaknesses O = Opportunities T = Threats

Every industry has it’s advantages & disadvantages and if you’re going to be successful you have to look at everything as a whole. I created a basic SWOT pertaining to the drone (UAV) industry above. I could dive in and get more specific for each industry but my goal for this was to be all encompassing. Thanks for reading!


Say whaaaaaaa??! Yup! AerialScope started a podcast! We recently recorded our first episode!  Our plan is to record a few at a time and upload them all together.  The biggest question has been do we do just audio or do we incorporate video as well.  We have a unique set up because our podcast partner, Scott of Quad Axis lives in Texas.   Scott brings lots of experience and knowledge to our podcast and we are excited to partner with him for this fun venture!  We met Scott while doing a 3D model out west last year and it’s been fun to have another brain to bounce ideas off of.  This is the birth of a new industry here so there are questions, mixed emotions etc around drones.  We want to help educate everyone and put their mind at ease that these can be very efficient tools, if used properly.

Our podcast will be geared towards helping customers understand how drone applications can help their businesses (but, if you are a fellow UAVer you are more than welcome to listen!).  We will be having different industry professionals and guests on the show.  If you are curious about how drones can impact your industry, please reach out!  We would love to hear your story.  If you want to be on the show also let us know!

Stay tuned for more DronesOnSightPodcast news!  Here’s our logo:

Check out AerialScope’s podcast partner, Scott: *www.quadaxisllc.com*