We get a ton of questions regarding our UAV’s and we thought we would compile a list to help everyone! If you have a question you don’t see here make sure to email, message or comment with the questions and we can answer it and add it to our list.

  • Do you need a license to fly it?

A:  You don’t need a certification to fly for hobby purposes but if you are going to use it for commercial purposes or for any compensation or furtherance of a business, then YES you do need to become part 107 certified. (see our blog about Hobbyist Vs Part 107 HERE)

  • How fast does it go?

A: There are several types of drones and all have varying speeds.  The maximum average speed of a drone is around 45mph.

  • Can you take off from anywhere?

A: This is where things get a little tricky. You cannot take off from private property without permission, but you can take off from anywhere public. Depending on the state you live in and the ordinances of the towns, the areas you can launch from may differ. For example, some states prohibit launching from state owned parks, National parks are prohibited. However, if you launch from a public road and fly over these areas that is perfectly legal.

  • Can you take pictures of me from my house?

A: Technically, if someone launches from public property and they fly by your house and your shades aren’t drawn they can legally take a photo of you.  You can read the ‘Photographers Rights’ that have been around forever that break down this very thing. But remember, if you have a smartphone – your privacy has probably been invaded wayyyyy more than you probably know.

  • How far away can you fly and how high can you go?

A:  Some drones can go up to 4-5 miles away!  But there are still UAV laws in place where UAV’s cannot go beyond visual line of sight.  So even though UAVs can fly up to 4-5 miles away most of the time they aren’t. Legally, UAV’s can not go higher than 400 ft AGL (above ground level).

  • How expensive is a drone?

A: UAV’s can range from $10-$1M – all depending on the needs of the buyer!

I’m sure there are a million more questions that we could answer but these we found were the top contenders for most frequently asked. Once again, if you have a question comment below or reach out and we would be happy to answer it.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your week!

Traveling with Drones

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a wonderful time over the Christmas & New Years holiday.  We escaped to the snowy mountains and had a blast!  Head on over to our AerialScope YouTube page to watch our new Vlog series and watch the latest video while up there!

So, traveling with drones is what we are chatting about today.  We figured, since we are out of town what better way to talk about this subject! You have two options when flying on a plane with drones.  Checking bags (in which a hard case is recommended) or carrying baggage on (a soft case should suffice).

Let’s talk about the heart of our drones, the batteries.  Lithium Ion Polymer batteries CANNOT be checked and they should be drained around 30-40%. Regardless if you check your drone or not the batteries need to stay with you. Some people like to cover the battery terminal with tape for added protection, up to you.  If you’re not sure, just check your airline regulations/TSA to verify.  Another thing with batteries is getting a good plan in place for battery management.  Always have extensions cords with you and have a plan for how you want to charge your batteries.  There isn’t always a place to plug in so keep that in mind.  Lots of dronies use generators as their supply so they don’t have to go very far.

We like to have a small repair kit with us when we travel.  Honestly, you should have this on you at all times anyway – you never know when you might be needing to make some quick repairs!

It’s also a good idea to pack extra propellers – this is good practice for anywhere you go you just never know when you are gonna need new props.

It’s always a good idea to see what the FAA recommends in terms of flying with your drones. To read what they suggest click here

Happy flying!

Being Intentional

Hope this blog find you all well.  I wanted to share about being intentional and setting goals for yourself.  We are coming up on the time of the year when people start to evaluate and make changes for the new year ahead.  I’ve never been a big resolutions at new years kind of person, I’ve always done them throughout the year.  How?  By being intentional.

First, you need a journal or somewhere you can write things down.  It is always better to be able to see your goals and dreams written out.  Flip charts are an awesome thing to use because you can stick them on the walls and always have your goals & dreams visible.  We like to map it out by doing a column for 3 months, 6 months & 9 months.  We set reasonable goals for each section and then we like to include 1 or 2 huge big dreams.  Once (or if) we complete the goals we get the satisfaction of crossing it off!  That feels so good!

Because there are 2 of us we create business goals together and then we have some quiet time to set personal goals as well.  Separating personal from business is important, especially when you own your own business.  I encourage people to find what works for them.  Get on your goal setting today – even if it’s for the end of the month!  Finish 2018 strong!  Also, don’t get discouraged if you set goals on your 3/6/9 months that don’t happen.  Keep those sheets and let them help you determine your next 3/6/9 goals!  We have tons of sheets we’ve saved over the past year and we love looking over to see how far we’ve come.

Bottom line, you can do it – but you have to want it, and you have to start somewhere.  This is your wake up call so get busy!


To vlog or not to vlog – that is the question in 2018!  Well, we went for YES! We’ve started a vlog to tell our story.  It may not always be glamorous and edited but we want to be able to deliver real videos on what we are going through.  Maybe our story will encourage someone! Maybe our story will help give ideas, or maybe it will just offer some laughs!  Who knows.

Go ahead and check it out on YouTube!

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

3D models…?

What are 3D models? Why are they useful? How in the world did you do that?? These are all questions we receive on a regular basis, and we love being able to explain!  Let me break it down.

What are 3D models? 3D models are an interactive digital space.  They can be used for marketing, construction, surveying (with licensed surveyors), video games, I could go on!  We recently did a 3D model for a golf course and in that model, you can literally walk through the entire course from the comfort of your own home without setting a foot outside.

Why are they useful? 3D models help increase your digital footprint, they provide cutting edge technology for you and your clients, and they can help generate business and widen exposure – just to name a few.

How in the world do we do it?  We create 3D models through the use of photogrammetry.  That is a big word, but simply means the science of making measurements through the use of photos.  So, when we create a 3D model we are taking several photos (by several I mean anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands!) and we stitch those photos together to create the 3D model.

Still have questions about 3D models? Ask below or reach out to us! You can look at some of our 3D models here:  AerialScope 3D Models

You can also watch a YouTube video on our channel where I navigate through one of our 3D models and help you figure out how to use it:

3D Model Navigation Video


Youtube weekly live Q&A

Happy Wednesday!

We teamed up with GM6 & Quad Axis for a weekly live Q&A on YouTube!  We will be discussing a new topic and answering live questions on the air!  We love sharing how to work smarter not harder within the industry and partnering up with these other great companies is such an honor!  We all bring a unique set of skills to the table.

So, where can you find this event? RIGHT HERE! Click the link to view where the live chat is housed and join us on our next live session!



Middle October

Happy Middle October!  That means Daylight savings ending is right around the corner (Nov 4th to be exact!).  This fall has been a busy one and we love it!  We are working in conjunction with the Groton New London Airport & the National Guard creating an entire career day around aviation.  We are adding to the momentum of teaching last week at E Granby High School, and we are pumped to teach again!

This will be a very exciting 2 day event for students.  We are presenting along with RC Propbusters member & pilot, David Grainger.  David is a local drone racer and has extensive knowledge of aircrafts and UAV’s.  He is a great partner and we are excited to show these kids some aviation fun!

We also have been doing consistent work weekly on a construction project for Lehto Design & Build doing progress videos as well as creating a 3D model.  We love creating 3D models, they are so versatile!

That’s it for us this week and we hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! Exciting things to come. We will see you here next week! If you want more AerialScope on the spot check out our social media pages on Insta: @aerialscope FB: @aerialscopevi.

Weekly blog

Happy Friday friends!

We hope you have some fun plans this weekend!  We will be tightening and finishing up some projects we have going on.  We have been doing some sweet 3D models and we are so excited to share them with you!  3D modeling is such a unique fun tool for businesses to use.  Besides being esthetically pleasing and marketable on a digital platform, they are also very useful for other industries to make measurements from and utilize to make work flows easier.  This is an example of what we will be talking about on our podcast!  We have 1 episode done and we will be filming another 1 or 2 before we start to upload them.  We have been so excited to share some of this with you all!

I will also start to post more regularly and I’ve chosen Wednesdays to be those lucky days.  Anyone else have a million reminders on their phone? I can’t be the only one! We use those little boxes for everything these days, they are so versatile!  I’ve set my reminder every Wednesday and will be creating fun content every week from our travels, our projects, as well as useful info like our Mold blog!  If there is any topic in particular you would like to read send me an email or reach out via social networks and I would be more than happy to write about it!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Wednesdays!





Say whaaaaaaa??! Yup! AerialScope started a podcast! We recently recorded our first episode!  Our plan is to record a few at a time and upload them all together.  The biggest question has been do we do just audio or do we incorporate video as well.  We have a unique set up because our podcast partner, Scott of Quad Axis lives in Texas.   Scott brings lots of experience and knowledge to our podcast and we are excited to partner with him for this fun venture!  We met Scott while doing a 3D model out west last year and it’s been fun to have another brain to bounce ideas off of.  This is the birth of a new industry here so there are questions, mixed emotions etc around drones.  We want to help educate everyone and put their mind at ease that these can be very efficient tools, if used properly.

Our podcast will be geared towards helping customers understand how drone applications can help their businesses (but, if you are a fellow UAVer you are more than welcome to listen!).  We will be having different industry professionals and guests on the show.  If you are curious about how drones can impact your industry, please reach out!  We would love to hear your story.  If you want to be on the show also let us know!

Stay tuned for more DronesOnSightPodcast news!  Here’s our logo:

Check out AerialScope’s podcast partner, Scott: **