Traveling with Drones

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a wonderful time over the Christmas & New Years holiday.  We escaped to the snowy mountains and had a blast!  Head on over to our AerialScope YouTube page to watch our new Vlog series and watch the latest video while up there!

So, traveling with drones is what we are chatting about today.  We figured, since we are out of town what better way to talk about this subject! You have two options when flying on a plane with drones.  Checking bags (in which a hard case is recommended) or carrying baggage on (a soft case should suffice).

Let’s talk about the heart of our drones, the batteries.  Lithium Ion Polymer batteries CANNOT be checked and they should be drained around 30-40%. Regardless if you check your drone or not the batteries need to stay with you. Some people like to cover the battery terminal with tape for added protection, up to you.  If you’re not sure, just check your airline regulations/TSA to verify.  Another thing with batteries is getting a good plan in place for battery management.  Always have extensions cords with you and have a plan for how you want to charge your batteries.  There isn’t always a place to plug in so keep that in mind.  Lots of dronies use generators as their supply so they don’t have to go very far.

We like to have a small repair kit with us when we travel.  Honestly, you should have this on you at all times anyway – you never know when you might be needing to make some quick repairs!

It’s also a good idea to pack extra propellers – this is good practice for anywhere you go you just never know when you are gonna need new props.

It’s always a good idea to see what the FAA recommends in terms of flying with your drones. To read what they suggest click here

Happy flying!

Google Gravity Games 2018

We just got home from North Carolina where we had the pleasure of filming the 2018 Google Gravity Games!  You’re probably asking yourself, ‘What are the Gravity Games’?  Well, it’s an educational competition to get younger generations excited about Science, sponsored by Google.

The Gravity Games are especially relevant because kids these days need more Science, Art and Music in their lives.  Funding for lots of these programs has unfortunately been cut so this kind of event is awesome at sparking creativity and helping those students achieve more than they could ever dream!  With a variety of hands on activities, science tents, music etc this event is an all day town takeover in North Carolina and we feel so blessed to be part of it again!

Below is last year’s 2017 Gravity Games video so take a peek and get excited for the 2018 video! Also, know someone who would like to enter? Check out their official NC Gravity Games website below and good luck!

NC Gravity Games

2017 Gravity Games :