March is upon us!  New England is finally getting some snow!  It’s been a fun pseudo winter here with lots going on.  I say pseudo winter because all the snow has missed Connecticut and gone to the midwest or north to Vermont. I talk all about how disappointed I am in our New England winters in our new Vlog post HERE.

We started a Vlog before the end of 2018 in hopes of sharing what were doing as a company.  Creating content for Vlog’s isn’t always easy because there are so many good channels out there!  We just want to share what we have going on from time to time and hopefully help other people.  We don’t even know if anyone will ever watch it! But were sticking to it and having fun in the process.

We had the opportunity to do a 3D model for the historic Ocean House in Westerly.  It is such a gorgeous landmark!  Click here to view it or head on over to the 3D models in our Drone Services tab here.

We’ve also been busy setting up the spring schedule and getting excited for things ahead.  Have a wonderful rest of the month and stay tuned for our next blog post…I’m thinking of comparing Part 107 VS Hobbyist and hopefully helping some people out on the differences between the two.





To vlog or not to vlog – that is the question in 2018!  Well, we went for YES! We’ve started a vlog to tell our story.  It may not always be glamorous and edited but we want to be able to deliver real videos on what we are going through.  Maybe our story will encourage someone! Maybe our story will help give ideas, or maybe it will just offer some laughs!  Who knows.

Go ahead and check it out on YouTube!

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!