Welcome to our video page! Here you will find an assortment of ground and aerial drone videos. We love being challenged with new ways of utilizing our equipment so if you have a questions about how we can partner together on a project click here to get in touch with us. Enjoy our videos below!

Ocean House Fly Through

We had the pleasure of creating a 3D model for the Ocean House in Watch Hill.  The beautiful building has so much history and is such an iconic part of the area.  Here is a fly through of the model and to view the 3D model click here.


The Stonington Docks are where a lot of locals go to get their fresh seafood.  As many industries these days the fishing industry isn’t without its challenges.  We had the opportunity to interview Eddie who owns the Restless and hear a little bit about his story and how the fishing industry is evolving.  Watch below for the interview.

Cold Weather Tips

We love to travel and sometimes our travel takes us places that are much colder than our usual little corner of New England. Here are a few tips we decided to share in regards to drones.

3D Model How to

In this video we break down how to navigate around our 3D models. You can view all of our models here and if you have further questions about 3D modeling click here!

Google Gravity Games 2017

Every year we get the pleasure of filming the Google Gravity Games with LocoMotion Media. The Google Gravity Games are to help encourage youth of STEM programs.  There are several teams through the country who build their own box car racer and at the games they can compete against each other to see who has the fastest cars.  Google also partners with local schools and has tents set up with lots of activities for kids and adults alike.  It is such a pleasure to partner with Locomotion and we love filming the games.

Mystic Connecticut

This was one of our first videos we did of Mystic! We love where we live and the beauty that surrounds our coastal town.  We’ve been featured on a few local websites and are proud to show our little corner of the world.