By now you’ve probably heard about drones making waves in the news by becoming modes of delivery. When I say delivery I’m not only speaking about packages! In Dubai, Chinese company EHang debuted their taxi drones, which can carry people!! EHang has been in business since 2014 and they have an interesting story. (*Check out this video from YouTube to learn more about their story, see the drones in action etc. We do not own this video nor its content but we thought it was really cool and gives good details about the company: https://youtu.be/zAQDFK-Ic0E )

Recently EHang partnered with DHL (the American founded German international courier company) to create a drone specific for carrying a delivery to parts of China. EHang created the Falcon Drone – which sports 4 arms and 8 rotors. In this particular part of China a road delivery would normally take around 40 minutes but with the Falcon the delivery time is cut down to 8 minutes.

As we keep delving and moving forward with drone technology we will start to see more and more things like this. Best to take it in stride and ride the wave to see where it goes. Every day we hear how close big companies like Amazon and Uber are to integrating drone technology to enhance their current services.

Does this drone delivery idea make you uneasy? Comment below and let us know how you feel! Are you excited about the opportunity? If you have questions about drones please refer to our blog post with drone FAQ’s.

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