Georgia Google Gravity Games

This past weekend we went down to Georgia to film the Google Gravity Games!

These Georgia Gravity Games took place in Douglasville, which is a suburb of Atlanta.  There were a few streets closed down for the GGG and on the main street is where some popular movies & tv shows have been filmed.  Among those popular tv shows are Stranger Things and MacGyver.  Pretty cool to be filming around the same areas as these popular shows!

This was our first GGG in Georgia and it was great to see how GA does it!  The boxcars were awesome  and the kids did a magnificent job of building them!  This GGG also featured Science Street, a tent where kids and adults could learn about all things science.  We partner together with Locomotion out of North Carolina to film the Gravity Games and each one we do we have a blast!

Special thanks to Locomotion Media & Innovation for partnering with us on this!


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