Hobbyist & Part 107…what does it mean?

Hobbyist vs Part 107 certified

First, let’s look at definitions.  We need to give credit to the FAA website for a lot of today’s info.  We went straight to the source for definitions as to not confuse anyone. You may head over to their website to check out all things drone related at www.faa.gov.

Recreational or Hobbyist: flying for enjoyment and NOT for work, business purposes, or for compensation or hire.

Part 107: any use of a drone or quadcopter for furtherence of a business for compensation or hire

Can someone still receive a part 107 and remain a hobbyist?  Absolutely!  Anyone over the age of 16 can take the exam needed for certification.  We recommend that anyone interested in flying drones takes the test regardless so they can understand the laws and practice safely.  You can find all the information for the test on the FAA website or you can do a google search and find a few places offering a training program to help.

The FAA partnered with Kittyhawk to create a mobile app called B4UFLY.  This app is geared towards helping recreational drone operators in knowing where they can/cannot fly.  For more info on this click here


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