Teaching Classes

Happy Wednesday! Hope where ever you are today has been a good one!  It is 80 degrees and sunny here in New England and we are almost halfway through October which is crazy!  Tomorrow we will be teaching 3 classes at a local High School.  We will be talking about what it’s like to own a UAV business, the uses for UAV’s, demonstrating and also encouraging career paths in aviation.

These young minds have a lot on their plate and we are excited to give them a break from their usual classes to spend their time with us and have some fun.  I have a background in education so this is a breeze for me!  We love educating anyone on the use of UAV’s.

In 2 weeks we will be speaking at another school two days in a row.  We are teaming up with RC Propbusters  pilot, David Grainger and he will be showing the youth some fun tricks with his racing drones.

So stay tuned for pictures & videos from the school programs! Have a great rest of the week!

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